But I don’t play sport
The reason why sports massage is called “sports” massage is because it originated in sport. Athletes have exactly the same muscles as non-athletes so it is completely normal to have a sports massage if you don’t play sport. It is probably more beneficial to non-sporting individuals to have regular sports massages. This is because non-sporting individuals often have more muscular knots and tightness than athletes. So can you have a sports massage if you don’t play sport?

Can I just come and have an injury strapped, without paying for a massage?

What is Sports Massage?
Sports Massage uses a mix of Holistic / Swedish massage techniques, combined with deep tissue massage. The Deep Tissue massage techniques are designed to improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles, the underlying tissues and the joints. Sports massage is usually applied prior to activity (pre event) or after activity (post event).

What is Remedial Massage?
Remedial massage is typically used in the treatment of specific injuries, which may have been caused through work, an accident or a sporting activity, such as a strain or sprain. Treatment of the injury usually involves a mix of deep and superficial massage strokes and the techniques are aimed at relieving symptoms, pain and restoring normal muscle and soft tissue function.

Is Massage likely to hurt?
Many massage techniques will not prove to be painful provided that the tissues have been warmed up properly and the techniques are performed correctly. However, deep tissue massage techniques can sometimes cause considerable pain, though this pain is tolerable and patients often refer to this pain as “good pain”. Correctly used deep tissue techniques should not cause any actual tissue damage, though they will tear apart fibrous adhesion’s within the affected tissues. It is necessary to break down the fibrous adhesion’s in order for the tissues to heal correctly and to return to a normal functioning state.

Are there any side effects of massage?
Clients may experience some mild side effects as a result of a massage, which is perfectly normal. Side effects can last up to 48hrs and are a result of stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

Side effects may include:

Aches, soreness or tenderness

Emotional changes


Feelings of relaxation or of being invigorated

Changes in sleep patterns

Dizziness or nausea


Altered bowel movements

Changes in urine output, colour or frequency.

Body temperature changes

Can I have treatment if another therapist or professional is already treating me?
Yes. However, you should speak with your existing therapist or professional before seeking further treatment, out of courtesy to ensure there are no adverse effects of combining with other treatments.